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Who uses a professional coach?

Like an athlete who wants to improve their game, anyone who has the desire to improve their life, relationships or career could use a professional coach.  Like sport coaches, professional coaches motivate, share ways to improve challenging areas of a person's life, helps a person focus and becomes a sounding board.  Professional coaches are not psychologists, psychiatrist or therapists.

Coaching is a process where we either meet in person or talk over the telephone from 45 - 60 minutes about what you want to talk about in regards to the areas of your life that you want to improve upon.

You can even do coaching sessions through email.  Email coaching sessions are 30 minutes.

You can be anywhere in the world.

We "meet" once a week, typically for three weeks with one week off.  This depends on what you are seeking a professional coach for. 

Professional coaches charge by the hour and fees range from $50/hour and up.

Life Coaching

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Do you have dreams but don't know how to achieve them?
  • Do you want to have goals for your life, but you don't know where to begin?

These are just a few areas that a Life Coach can help you with.

Relationship Coaching

  • Are you in a relationship that doesn't seem to be moving to the next level?
  • Are you having difficulties finding "the one"?
  • Do you wish to recapture the love you had with your spouse before life got in the way?

A Relationship Coach can help you in these areas and more.



  • Is your child having problems in school?
  • Are you feeling disconnected as a family?
  • Would you like to be able to help your child and family be better?

It's tough being a parent in today's world, it's even tougher to be a child.  A Youth/Parent/Family Coach can help your child or family navigate today's world.

What my clients are saying...

"Julie's coaching was the help that I really needed to bring myself back to balance. She does not just ask you how you feel about something, she does not simple give you labels to help you comprehend those feelings, but she also gives you actual advice for what to do about those feelings and your situation. Her calm demeanor, perspective on how to tactfully handle human relations, and ability to guide people in the direction of what they want to go, brings a sense of relief. With Julie I finally had answers for what to do about my problems." -Amy

"I highly recommend Julie's services to anyone who is in need of a career counselor, advisor, or advocate. She was instrumental in helping me to gain some much needed clarity in my career search." - Matt

Other Coaching Services Offered:

Career Coaching:  Are you finding yourself being dissatisfied with your current job or not quite sure what it is that you want to do with your career?  Maybe you are looking at starting your own business.  A Coach can help you find your path when it comes to doing what you are passionate about.

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